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International Security & Strategic Studies

Welcome to the International Security and Strategic Studies Subject Guide

Subject guides are designed to give you a 'starting point' for your subject research, and are not designed to be specific for individual courses.

If you are interested in using primary sources, the UNSW subscribes to multiple databases containing primary source documents. From our homepage click on Find Databases, then under Type specify 'Primary sources' from the dropdown list, this will bring up databases that are comprised of 'Primary sources' or contain a majority of primary source material. This is not comprehensive as other databases main contain primary source material but not at a level to warrant it being tagged 'Primary source'.

To otherwise locate Primary source material use SearchGateway's Advanced search search on your keywords then at the dropdowns add the line "in subject" "contains" "Sources". This should locate books with primary source material within them. If you experience any difficulty please request help from our Outreach Team via our Ask Us service.

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