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Geographic Research Methods (ZPEM3208)

Smart City Canberra

The ACT Digital project currently lists four major projects:

  • Smart street lights
  • CBRfree Public WiFi 
  • Open data
  • Smart parking

Additional initiatives include a digital health record, integrated ticketing, and a geospatial platform. 

The ACT Government Digital Strategy articulates the ACT's digital goals and provides context and a framework for decisions. 

The Smart Cities and Suburbs Program provides federal funding to innovative projects across Australia - view successful ACT projects here.

Parliament House Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. [Photograph]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. 

Australia & Worldwide

Articles & Media

Engineering a Sensible Smart City (20 September 2019), The Engineer.

Liu, H., & Li, Y. (2020). Coronavirus: smart cities could helpNature, 578(7796), 515–515. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2019, September 25). How cities can leverage citizen data while protecting privacy. ScienceDaily.

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Australian Bureau of Statistics  
Provides census data and a range statistical data on all areas of Australian life including demography, labour force, population and housing, business activity, building, immigration.

About the ACT
Information and statistics from the ACT Government. 

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