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ELISE | Informing your studies: Presenting your work


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Video presentations

Making a video for a presentation requires you to consider camera technique, lighting and editing to enhance your final product.

Check YouTube for ideas and help with making videos.

Online presentations

You may be asked to develop a wiki or write a blog for one of your courses:

  • Wikis are online collaborative writing spaces that have multiple authors and contributors

Written assignments

Your written work should demonstrate that you have successfully synthesised the information you have used and that you have cited your sources.

The presentation of your ideas in your written work involves:

  • formulating your arguments
  • paraphrasing, summarising and quoting from the sources you use
This enables you to synthesise your ideas with the information you find.

Tip Learn more about citing sources and creating lists of references on the Referencing page, under the Check tab.

Tip Learn more about The academic writing process under the Define tab.

Oral presentations

Careful preparation is the key to a successful presentation:

  • structure your presentation
  • know your time limit
  • rehearse your presentation

Oral presentations can be enhanced by the use of PowerPoint slides. Here are some hints for designing a good PowerPoint presentation

 The Academic Study Skills website also provides many helpful tips and links on giving the presentation:

  • beginning - starting well
  • delivery
  • managing nerves

Find more detailed information about oral presentations here 

Group discussions

Your participation in tutorial discussions, group work, and presentations may be part of the assessment for many subjects. Being able to ask questions and participate effectively in group discussions are important skills.

You may be required to:

  • argue a point
  • voice an opinion
  • lead a discussion
  • provide a counter-argument or alternate view point

The Academic Study Skills website provides detailed help and further reading to improve your discussion skills

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