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Item records may also include other editions or formats of an item, e.g. an online version or a video.

Where is it?

All items on Library shelves have item numbers. 

Use Library collection to find the item number and location.

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More on your topic

Tip  To find more information on your topic, check if the author of a text on your course reading list has written other books on the same subject:

  • search for the author in a catalogue or database
  • click on the author's name to find other works

Finding journal articles

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Finding journal articles

If you are looking for the most current information on a subject, try searching for a journal. Like popular magazines, they are published on an ongoing basis, so it’s easy to find the newest information available.

The scholarly or academic journals that the library subscribes to contain articles relevant to your university studies, so using them also avoids the clutter of a web search engine.

Many journal articles are peer-reviewed which means they are reviewed by experts in the author's field of research.

Some areas, such as business or engineering, for example, may also require trade journals published by relevant industry bodies.

To find a journal article using a citation from your reading list, search the Library collection for the title of the article.

If the article does not appear in your search results, try searching for the journal title.

When searching the Library collection, you can narrow down your results using Refine My Results / Resource Type to only include hits from journals.

If you don’t have a specific journal in mind, try searching for keywords in a subject specific database for more results. Key databases are listed in the Subject Guides on the Library website.

Connecting to full text

The full text of many journal articles can be accessed online. This means that you can download a complete article, including diagrams and illustrations via a link to the full text or PDF version of the article.

To find articles with full text, search a relevant database using keywords.

Learn more about choosing and searching relevant databases on the Databases page under the Discover tab.

Your database search will display a list of records. Some of these records may provide the full text of articles. You can connect to the full text by clicking on PDF or full text links if they are available.

If an article has no PDF or full text link, click the Find It link to connect to the article via other databases.

Click View It to find databases that can connect you to full text articles. If more than one database is listed, select the one with the date you need.

If no database links to full text are displayed, try searching for the journal title in the Library collection to see if the UNSW Library's holds it in print.

Click Get It to look for the item number and location of the journal in the catalogue record. You can then go to the shelf location in the Library and find your article in print.

What if you can't find it?

Check that the spelling is correct:

  • are there alternative spellings?
  • did you type it correctly?
  • is the spelling correct on the reading list?

Is the item you are looking for out on loan?

  • check to see if there is another copy at a different location
  • is there an earlier edition? Check for other versions of the item in Library collection.
    Note - your lecturer may require you to look at a specific edition
  • check to see if there is another copy in another library
    Tip  Use Trove, the catalogue of the National Library of Australia, to search all Australian library catalogues (Place a request via Document Supply)
  • try searching Google Scholar. You may be able to find the full text of some articles via the Findit @ UNSW links
    Tip  Set up Google Scholar Library Links via Scholar Settings

Check Help in Library collection for tips on how to improve your searches.

For further assistance, visit the Library Information desk or contact the library by clicking the Ask Us link on the Library homepage

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