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ELISE | Informing your studies: Equity, diversity and inclusion


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion policy

Equity, diversity and inclusion are considered essential to the continued success of UNSW. Read the policy here.

Student complaints procedure

If you have been assaulted, threatened, harassed or discriminated against by a member of staff or another student due to your race, religion, sexuality, age, disability or gender identity you should follow the process outlined in the Student Complaints Procedure.


UNSW values diversity of thought, experience and believes that an inclusive and collaborative culture underpins research and teaching excellence, and a positive student experience. We aspire for our student and staff community to reflect the demographics of our society, and to celebrate and promote diversity as a key strength of our university.  

Be a Better Human

Together, we want to encourage everyone to do more when it comes to understanding, preventing and responding to disrespectful behaviours at UNSW. Arc and UNSW have partnered in an initiative called Be A Better Human in order to help strengthen a respectful and inclusive campus culture, where we can talk openly and honestly about issues in our communities and our roles as allies and active bystanders. 

We invite all students to join us in pledging your support to stand up and speak against wrongdoing and to come together to enact positive changes in our community.

Cultural diversity & anti-racism

UNSW embraces and supports the rich perspectives that UNSW’s cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity brings to our community, and to the student experience. 

UNSW has a responsibility to provide an academic, social and working environment that is free from racial discrimination, harassment, and vilification. Our Anti-Racism Policy outlines our strong commitment to this work and rejection of racism is all its forms. There are a range of supports and services in place for students who identify with cultural and religious diversity at UNSW, such as training and resources, student clubs and collectives, and dedicated prayer and meditation spaces

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LGBTIQ+ inclusion

UNSW maintains its commitment to providing a safe, fair and supportive environment for LGBTIQ+ students, through fostering an inclusive environment in which there is zero tolerance for homophobia, transphobia or discrimination of any kind. UNSW celebrates and increases the visibility of LGBTIQ+ issues through the strength of the Ally Network and the LGBTIQ+ training program, resources, Days of Recognition, hosting educational events, and gender affirmation guidelines.

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Disability inclusion

UNSW enables equal access for students with disability across the University through Equitable Learning Services which accommodates students with educational adjustments, and the Disability Innovation Institute, a world-first initiative conducting interdisciplinary research in collaboration with people with disability. 

UNSW’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) also provides the University with a roadmap to improving access and inclusion for students and staff with disability. 

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Gender equity

A focus on gender equity and inclusion is central to our Strategy 2025 as we continue to strive to be an international exemplar of equity, diversity and inclusion. We seek to foster a culture that is truly inclusive, in which all female-identifying students and staff can participate equally in all areas.

UNSW has committed to the SAGE Athena Swan framework to promote gender equity in our community. While focussing on areas where women are traditionally underrepresented, the Athena Swan program at UNSW takes a whole of institution and intersectional approach to gender equity.

Parents rooms are available to all students and staff at UNSW Sydney and UNSW Canberra campuses.

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The Student Code

ELISE | Informing your studies has introduced you to the Student Code so you are now more aware of the standards of behaviour expected from everyone in the UNSW community. When you accept the offer of enrolment at the University you also accept rights and responsibilities related to your study experience. You have a right to feel safe, respected and welcome to fully participate in university life. This also means that you have an obligation to ensure that your behaviour does not infringe on the enjoyment of these rights for other students or staff. Behaviour that negatively impacts on others, or is unlawful, can constitute misconduct. 

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