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Historical Newspapers in SearchGateway

To search historical newspapers, go to the library homepage and select 'Advanced Search'

Search by Subject
The advanced search screen appears

  • select 'in subject' from the first tier drop down
  • enter 'Newspapers' in the search field
  • Click 'Search'

To narrow your search, scroll down to the 'Topic' facet on the left of your results.

  • Select 'More options'

  • Tick the 'include' box to select a topic (e.g. Underground press publications)
  • Click 'Continue'

Tip: try the subject 'Periodicals'. This gives you a slightly different set of results..

Search by Title

If you know the name of a newspaper or magazine, go to 'Advanced Search' and type it into the title search field.

Leave out the intial article at the start of a title (The, A, An)


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