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Academy Library

Primary sources

The Library SearchGateway

The Library SearchGateway is a valuable repository of primary source material, and a good starting point if you are not sure where to begin.

To find primary sources, choose 'Advanced Search' on the Academy Library homepage

Search by Subject
The advanced search screen appears

  • Select 'in subject' from the first tier drop down
  • Enter 'Sources' in the search field.
  • In the second search field, enter a term you are researching (e.g. Winston Churchill)
  • Click 'Search'

Tip: to narrow your search, enter History Sources in the subject field

Library Databases

Academy Library databases contain a wide selection of primary source material.
Choose 'Databases' on the library homepage

The databases module appears.

  • Go to 'Database type (expand tree)' and select the expand arrow

  • Scroll down and select 'Primary source' to view all primary source databases

Other categories that include primary sources are maps, newspapers, statistics, images, and streamed media.

Suggested Databases

This is a small sample of primary source databases. For a full selection, go to the library website and choose the 'Databases' link.

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