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Copyright for UNSW Research Students: Resources of Copyright for Research Students

This guide provides copyright information and links, which are relevant to the University community, but not the legal opinion of the Academy Library, UNSW Canberra.

The following tabs are information resources that have been compiled for Research Students of UNSW Canberra to be aware of how Copyright can affect them for the duration of their research, especially:

  • with avoiding plagiarism
  • seeking permission from publishers and other authors for use of their material within conference papers, journal articles or their thesis
  • what to do if permission has not been granted

   The "Duration of Studies" tab illustrates the different ways you might undertake seeking Copyright permissions.

Research Students are to familiarise themselves with copyright requirements as they commence their studies.

Note: On the landing page, refer to the sidebar menu for the links to the appropriate information you seek.

During your studies you should keep in mind copyrighted works that you wish to use within conference papers, journal articles and ultimately your thesis, you will likely need to seek permission from the creator or publisher of the work.

  This process can on occasion take a couple of months, so it is in your interest to seek permission as early as possible.  Keep a record of the permission somewhere safe 

Avenues to follow in Seeking Copyright Permissions

1. Seeking Request Permission links through Databases

You can Request Permissions for the use of the copyrighted material you have found through many databases.  Below are examples of where you might find some of the Request Permission links within the articles.  You are usually offered the option of placing this request directly through the publisher or use a service called Rightslink (further details at the bottom of the page).

2. Links to templates for Seeking Copyright Permission

If you are not able to find an area within articles to seek copyright permission you may need to go to the website of publisher of the journal.  Within the publisher's website look for a Help menu or Contact Us link where you will be able to find an appropriate information and contact details to make this request.  The following links are to templates that you might wish to use when seeking copyright permission through authors or publishers.

3. Rightslink

To find further information see the Copyright Clearance Center - Republication Service document.


Research Students should familiarise themselves with the following copyright links as they complete their studies.

Need assistance for a complex Copyright question then please place a request through the UNSW Canberra service AskUs.

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