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 Help in Searching Lexis Advance
Follow the steps below to find patents in Lexis Advance

    • Make sure the top left hand corner heading reads "Lexis Advance - US Research"

    • Click the "Explore Content" subtab

    • Under the "Practice Area or Industry" tab select the "Patent Law" link

     Help in searching Scopus
    To access 21 million patents from 5 patent offices (US Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office, Japan Patent Office, World Intellectual Property Organization and UK Intellectual Property Office) follow the instructions below;

    • Type in your search terms.  Ex: "material engineeringin the search box
    • In the results screen, click on the "View patents results" tab to display these results

    Help in searching Web of Science
    You can find journal articles which have cited a particular patent by following the steps below:

    • Click on "Basic Search" drop down menu and select "Cited Reference Search"
    • Enter the patent number in the "Cited Work" field or the first listed inventor or patent assignee in the "Cited Author" field.

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